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Winner Stainless Steel Mills LTD

About Us

Company Profile

Winner Stainless Steel Mills Ltd located at Chalkpara, Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh. It is one of the largest and leading stainless steel production mills in Bangladesh. Our modern facilities built over 40,000 square houses the production of formed

Our product line includes Stainless Steel welded pipes conforming to ASTM A-554 (polished to 400 GRIT, 600 GRIT, & 180 HAIRLINE) and the AISI STANDARD pipe are available. AISI the American Iron and Steel Institute has established standards for steel compo

Quality Policy

A regorous system of quality management is in place to ensure that the each manufactured products Conforms to international standards of excellence. Quality assurance is the threshold of all the activities at Winner. Stringent quality control measures are

We take pride in offering quality products, manufactured in conformance with international standards. We strongly believe that adherence to high standard of quality is a pre-requisite for maintaining leadership position in the business. Keeping the qualit

Our Advantages

We offer 25 years stainless guarantee with -

  • 1. Quality - High & Best
  • 2. Design - Attractive & Creative
  • 3. Stability - Life time
  • 4. Decoration - Interior & Exterior
  • 5. Shining - High Polished
  • 6. Latest Technology based Industry
  • 7. Price - Reasonable & Affordable
  • 8. Customer Satisfaction

Products & Applications

Knowledge of Products & Applications:

If says "NEVER LEARN THE TRICKS OF THE TRADE BETTER LEARN THE TRADE" inspiring from these lines, we are constantly learning and trying to acquire the best possible knowledge about the products we deal in and their varied applications. The quest for knowledge moves us on and on.